DIY: Easy 4th of July Greeting Card

DIY: Easy 4th of July Greeting Card

Can you believe it’s already July?! I remember being SO sad when Christmas was over and now it’s already only 5 more months away!

Anywhoooo, today will be my very first DIY post! I have always been a very big fan of DIYing things and used to (still do) follow so many creative people for their amazing projects! I hope to post a DIY project or greeting card every month. Today’s post was actually inspired by a customer I had the other day who was having the hardest time finding a 4th of July greeting card. She had gone to all the major card shops and couldn’t find a single card! Luckily, we carried some boxed notecards with little fireworks on them and she was a happy camper! But, that got me thinking. Why is it that 4th of July cards aren’t really made? I guess it isn’t a holiday you would normally send a greeting card for, but we’re gonna make some super simple ones today anyway so you’re never in a pickle like that customer was! 🙂

Before we get started, here are some materials you’ll need:


  • 8.5 x 11 cardstock (makes 2 cards)
  • any red, white, and blue paper (scrapbook paper, construction paper, origami paper)
  • scissors
  • gluestick
  • twine
  • black marker
  • tape (optional)

Step 1:

Grab your red, white, and blue paper (I’m using nautical theme origami paper) and cut out some triangle and bunting-shaped pieces. I just eyeballed and cut the shape of a triangle and used that piece as a stencil for the rest of the triangles. Same with the bunting.

Step 2:

After you’ve cut out your shapes, place the pieces onto your cardstock in any design that you wish! Play around with different color combinations or shapes until you’re happy! To make one card, simply fold your 8.5 x 11 cardstock in half. To make 2 cards, cut the cardstock in half.

Step 3:

Take your twine and measure and cut a piece long enough to go across the card. This will be the string that the banner gets “hung” from.

Step 4:

After measuring the string and cutting it, glue it down onto the cardstock.

Step 5:

Then, glue down the little flags!

Step 6:

After you’ve glued down your flags, it should look something like this. You can glue (or tape) the excess string to the inside of the card so they’re hidden.

Step 7:

Take your marker and write “USA” on the flags and TA-DAH! All done with your simple 4th of July cards!

That’s it! Super simple, right?! What should I make next?! Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend spent with your friends and family! Till next time!


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